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HOUSES NOW: URBAN HOUSES - autor: Pilar Chueca

HOUSES NOW: URBAN HOUSES - autor: Pilar Chueca

294,00 kn

autor: Pilar Chueca
broj stranica: 239
godina izdanja: 2008.
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
jezik: engleski

On the basis of recent examples by renowned international architects, this monographic work analyzes the difficulty of integrating new residential volumes into sites that are seriously conditioned by their situation and environment. In each case, particularly narrow and awkward dimensions imposed limitations that the architects have resolved with creativity and wit, implementing exemplary technical and formal solutions to make the buildings connect with the existing context while making intelligent use of the available space. Often the façades concentrate the most interesting aspects of the project's composition and construction. The face of the building and its privileged view onto the exterior are the interface with which it relates to the surrounding buildings, contributing to weave the urban fabric and defining the profile of the street and of the neighborhood.

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