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COLLIDOSCOPE: New Interior Design

COLLIDOSCOPE: New Interior Design

446,25 kn

autor:Nigel Coates
broj stranica:208
godina izdanja:2004
vrsta uveza:tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Nigel Coates, one of the foremost practitioners of international interior design, presents a stimulating overview of current directions in the field. He has chosen work by over 35 designers from around the world, including such well known names as Marcel Wanders, Karin Rashid, Fabio Novembre and Lo Tek. His selection of projects reveals the cross currents and influences between them (both differences and similarities), as well as interpreting broader themes in contemporary interior design. Coates draws comparisons between each project by letting them cross over - or collide - into one another’s territory. The book illustrates cutting-edge interiors created by very diverse individuals, from artists (such as Jorge Pardo and Mariko Mori) to those skilled in computer graphics or video set design. He explores the boundaries and tensions between public and private space, drawing on shops, homes, galleries and hotels, and celebrates a new perspective on interior and exterior realms.

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